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Ring Diamond 16 Gauge


Image of Ring Diamond 16 Gauge
  • Image of Ring Diamond 16 Gauge

E.lec.tro.form.ing : the process of a slow accumulation of metal particles on an object through electro-deposition. The process takes anywhere from 8-24 hours, forming a copper skin one molecule at a time.

Every piece of jewelry is first affixed to a piece of conductive metal, usually a recycled copper ring or jumpring. The stone is then painted with a very thin layer of conductive paint, made of fine silver. The piece is then submerged in a electrochemical solution that is super saturated with copper. When hooked up to power, copper molecules flow through the solution and land on the conductive paint and copper ring. The longer the piece is left in the solution, the thicker the coating becomes. Most pieces are submerged for 6-24 hours.

The piece is then de-burred, tumbled, blackened with liver of sulfur and buffed to give an enchanted finish.

Every piece is handmade in the USA on the island of Martha's Vineyard.