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A white woman with a blue ribbon in her braid kneels in a window display beneath huge paper maché Lily of the Valley. She's mid-laugh, her smile bright and nose wrinkled as she poses in a white dress with a gleaming necklace.

The Paris Market has been home to dozens of artists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs over the years who wished to immerse in history and craft. Their interests are eclectic, their personalities both wildly diverse and thoroughly delightful. 
Most importantly, they are always willing to play. 
Below, we've gathered the first four of a series of Staff Looks—unique creations by those vital members of The Paris Market who keep it running every day. Using Fallen Aristocrat jewelry, our staff assembled a series of pieces to tell their own stories through rich color, and delicate glints of gold. 
Bright gold charms hang on a thick, rolo chain: two fish circling one another in the shape of Pisces, a pearl, an articulated fish, and a green glass stone. They're draped on an antique bucket in front of a soft blue-green painting that serves as the backdrop. REBECCA is written down the left side in white.
Rebecca is our General Manager—fearless Virgo, and woman in charge. With an MFA in Fibers and years of experience under her belt, she has an incredible eye for linens and antique fabrics, but is always willing to take a moment to laugh.
Her favorite fragrance is Lubin's Gin Fizz, she adores the House of Hackney pillows and Selina King, and every morning and afternoon, you can be sure to see her drinking a latte with whole milk, served extra hot!
Her spring look is inspired by the sea, created on a Long Rolo Chain Necklace
See the individual charms below!
A circular charm in antiqued gold dangles from a clasp. Two raised fish circle one another, their mouths at the others' tails, in a symbol of eternity representing Pisces.
A gently-shaped, freshwater pearl hangs in a cage of bright gold, studded at the bottom as well.
A bright golden catfish charm hangs vertically from the mouth, each ridge and line of its body beautifully sculpted, the fins coming to defined points at the bottom, tail, and top of its body.
A bright gold articulated fish charm hangs vertically by the mouth, its scales and tail defined. The eye is small and bright green.
An oval-shaped, deep green glass stone is held in an antiqued gold setting, prongs glimpsed on the top, bottom, and either side below a golden jumpring.
A light green glass spills pink himalayan salt across a marble counter. In it lies a golden stick chain with a bright gold key charm, a small circular one with tiny crystals set like stars, and a rosy-pink glass stone set in antiqued gold.
If you've ever contacted customer service, you've likely spoken with Andrea! Equipped with a bright, warm personality and excellent taste, she loves local Savannah artist Julu's designs, and often lights our Endless Summer candle when it's time for a store refresh. 
Pottery planters are on her list of Paris Market favorites along with pirate plank cutting boards and the illustrious bottle of Mortel special edition Eau de Parfum by Trudon
Her simple, stylish charms were assembled on a Stick Chain Necklace
A golden circle charm contains a scattering of tiny star designs, as well as two delicate crystals placed at their centers.
A slender, golden skeleton key charm stands on its head. Three circles make up the base, while the key itself is notched lightly and widens at the tip.
An oval charm showcases a rosy pink glass stone set in antiqued gold, the jumpring hanging just above.
A grey, headless bust holds two gleaming gold chains with a small, oval blue cameo charm and a charm made of three pointed leaves. The bottom necklace is made of a heart-locket held by a knight's gauntlet. It's set against a gold-framed painting of a blue, green, and white landscape. RACHEL is written on the bottom left side.
Rachel is quick, smart, and has a spectacularly dry wit. She's traveled quite a bit of the world, but here at Paris Market, Rachel is responsible for nearly every item you can find on our site!
Still, extended time in Savannah has given her time to fall in love with the Florence Eau de Parfum by Tocca, the amber pillar candles from Santa Rosa, and our Hand of Midas Necklace
The charms are assembled on a 5mm Rolo Connector Chain Necklace, and looped together by a 
A delicate, light blue glass charm stands on its end caged in antiqued gold. There is a woman's profile visible at the center in cameo or intaglio style, romantic and soft.
A charm of three, pointed leaves curve outward from a single center ring.
A golden, heart-shaped locket hangs from a knight's gauntlet all cast in gold. They're suspended on a bar chain.
A white woman stands with her face turned to the side, lips, jaw, and hand in view of the camera. A stick chain necklace hangs from her throat, covered in eclectic charms from a central spray of blue flowers trapped in glass and surrounded by crystals, to other small, brightly-colored stones between gold ones.
Lily is a lovely soul, seen in our opening image tucked among her namesake—the lilies of the valley! She can often be found assisting Matt, our display artist, or elbow-deep in new Fallen Aristocrat pieces finding clever ways to connect them together.
Her go-to gift is a colorful tin of Louis Sherry chocolates, her favorite fragrance is Aphélie by Trudon, and when lunchtime rolls around, she goes for the iced Earl of Stonewall Bellocq Tea every time. 
Her charm necklace features several pieces that can currently only be found in store (namely the central flower pendant, and the delicate birthstone gems), but as for the others assembled on a 
Stick Chain Necklace, you can find them broken down below!

A gold circle charm is stamped with the word AMOUR in capital, gold letters.

An oval glass stone of light yellow hangs in a frame of antiqued gold, a jumpring hovering over the top.

A golden circle charm features a male bull at the center, raised in gold to gleam in the light.

Customize Your Collection
If you'd like assistance, or to see how a certain collection of charms might lay on the chain of your choice, email or DM us on instagram and let us play with you! We can assemble pieces, and exchange photos/video so you can see how your choices go together before purchasing, swap them out, and explore to find just the right style. 
Until then…
Remember that no one else can tell your story half as well as you.
A white woman with a braid wrapped in a blue ribbon stands in front of tall, sage-green doors. She's wearing a light white dress with an open collar, and a charm necklace covered in colorful stones and trinkets.
Note: All Fallen Aristocrat jewelry is small-batch, and therefore supply is limited. If you'd like a specific charm, but our selections online are showing it's out of stock, please email us at customerservice@theparismarket.com and submit a request to be informed when we have it back! Most styles are replenished within 2-3 weeks. 
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