Michael Klein - Artist Spotlight

Portrait of an artist, and his garden of white roses.
A year ago, I had the privilege of meeting Michael Klein when he walked through the doors of Paris Market. Today, we are honored to house one of his paintings in Palmetto Bluff.


Michael Klein belongs to a vanguard of contemporary painters striving to revive the classical art of representational painting, with respect to the Renaissance and French academic traditions. 



From his studio in Massachusetts and flourishing garden in Argentina, Michael creates a special sort of alchemy, transferring the perfectly imperfect abundance of nature into earth-based pigment mixed with oil spread across a canvas. 



Though he received his first kit of oil painting at age ten, his professional path began at nineteen in a series of apprenticeships along the Midwest, and culminated at the Water Street Atelier in New York City. And while he attained notoriety in the field of portraiture with a grand prize granted by NYC Entrepeneur, his devotion is to the art of still life.



His work is primarily an engagement with what it means to be human in the midst of a world of created order, rich with emotion and a thousand, subtle layers of color to allow light into the piece. When you see this particular painting of white roses, know it began with a quiet walk through his garden, and a basket of blooms still sprinkled with that morning’s dew.


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