Chartres Absinthe Fountain

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This mouth-blown and handmade 2-spout glass fountain is a wonderful reproduction of a vintage late 19th century Belle Époque absinthe fountain. Absinthe fountains were the preferred way to prepare absinthe, as one can perfectly control the rate of water.
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Dimensions: 19" Tall With Lid

Proper use consists of: pouring an ounce of absinthe into an absinthe glass, then placing an absinthe spoon on top of the glass and a sugar cube atop the spoon. The lid of the fountain is removed and fresh water and ice is added into the glass bowl. The spigot is slightly turned and the ice water is slowly dripped from the fountain onto the piece of sugar. The cold sugar water then drips from the spoon into the glass of absinthe releasing oils and perfuming the air with fennel, grand wormwood and anise. The combination also begins to turn milky white in color, as the water mixes with the anise. Refresh water before each use.

Metallic plating over brass