Day 55 Poppy, iPhone Pro 13 Case by Jamie Beck

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Durable, shatterproof plastic in a slim, lightweight design that offers a snug and intimate fit. Featured | Day 55 of Isolation Creation part deux — Brilliant red poppies in a vintage vase with goldenrod.
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Featured | Day 55 of Isolation Creation part deux by Jamie Beck

When France’s confinement began I remember thinking, “I wish I could just sleep through this and wake up when it’s over.” It’s always the harder path to walk through one step at a time rather than skip to the end unscathed. It was not easy to wake up in the same bell jar each day. I haven’t left the apartment building since I can’t remember when but I realized today that it was May. In May the poppies bleed from the earth, perhaps my favorite of all the Provençal vistas. Eloise and I took a little walk to see the poppies across the Calavon river that runs through our village on a little dirt road leading outside of town. ⠀

I remembered being a child in Texas and watching the Wizard of Oz. Dorthy come upon a field of poppies and wants to fall asleep... I, just like Dorothy, needed to get up walk and through to the end of this journey.

A Note on the Isolation Creation Series

On March 14, 2020, when the world entered lockdown in response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, award-winning photographer Jamie Beck issued a challenge to both  herself and the wider artistic community entitled  Isolation Creation. For sixty days, Jamie would create one piece of photographic art, and document the process as well as her own thoughts and emotional state along the way. By the end, this challenge had united thousands of artists across the globe, and yielded a body of work captured in these original posters and peppered throughout her book.

Read more about this particular series, as well as Jamie’s life in France, in her NYT Bestselling book, An American in Provence

Photographer Bio

Jamie Beck is an award-winning American photographer and NYT Bestselling author of An American in Provence. Beck is best known for co-creating the Cinemagraph, with her husband Kevin Burg, and for her work and life in Provence; including her Isolation Creation series.


Our tough phone case is designed to be durable, featuring a dual layered material for extra protection. The outer coat is made from specialist impact resistant plastic which is extremely strong and lightweight. A black flexible silicone inner gives additional shock absorption.