Fleurs de Paris, iPhone Pro 13 Case by Jamie Beck

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Durable, shatterproof plastic in a slim, lightweight design that offers a snug and intimate fit. Featured | Fleur de Paris — Delicate blooms of indigo, violet, cerulean, and lilac speckled with white. A gift from a fellow American in Provence.
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Featured | Fleur de Paris by Jamie Beck

Fleurs de Paris…Flowers from Paris.

…but that’s not where this story begins. You see, I was standing on a street corner in Arles, in Provence, when an American stopped to say hello. She recognized Eloise, of course.

We chatted — she lives in Paris, is engaged to a Frenchman, and last year bought the oldest flower shop in Paris @larrosoirparis. I knew I had to see it, and when I did this past weekend I was enchanted by it all.

The day of my Paris departure Adrienne sent a bouquet to the hotel for me to take home… a little bit of Paris from an American, like me, finding her way in a new old world.

Photographer Bio

Jamie Beck is an award-winning American photographer and NYT Bestselling author of An American in Provence. Beck is best known for co-creating the Cinemagraph, with her husband Kevin Burg, and for her work and life in Provence; including her Isolation Creation series.


Our tough phone case is designed to be durable, featuring a dual layered material for extra protection. The outer coat is made from specialist impact resistant plastic which is extremely strong and lightweight. A black flexible silicone inner gives additional shock absorption.