Paper Maché Corset

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Crafted of antique papers, textiles, and lace, this papier-mâché corset speaks to French artist Corinne Seranno’s love of history and respect for the artisans who once dedicated their lives to creating such objects with mastery and finesse.
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Papier-Mâché & Artist Bio

Papier-Mâché is a versatile artform that’s existed since antiquity in the East, but found Western notoriety during the 18th century as trade flourished between nations. Combining paper and paste established a material that could be molded by hand, or shaped around a solid object. Once hardened, it creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind objets d’art.  

Artist Corinne Serrano stays true to this slow-craft tradition with her own fastidious work in antique paper and textiles, transforming found objects into something inspired. Using papier-mâché, she creates a base structure for her artworks, and then finishes them with vintage textiles and lace out of her studio in Provence. 

This particular corset is a one-of-a-kind piece of art like all the others—not only because of its shaping, but because Corinne uses scraps of antique textiles so that one object may be finished in a particular design, color, or pattern that may never be replicated again. Blue piping offsets a repeating arrowhead pattern gliding up the center of an otherwise neutral-base, making this a lovely addition to any bookshelf or decorative mantle. 

Corinne's work includes Paperolle Reliquaries and decorative framed cameos — round and oval