Avignon Harvest Pears, iPhone 13 Pro Case by Jamie Beck

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Durable, shatterproof plastic in a slim, lightweight design that offers a snug and intimate fit. Featured | Avignon Harvest Pears photographed by Jamie Beck.
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Featured | Avignon Harvest Pears, Page 13 of An American in Provence by Jamie Beck

“It seems as if each week there is something new that has come to ripen. A garden of Eden so alluring you can’t help but reach your hand toward the blushing fruit. Neat lanes of trees once barren in winter exploded in a popcorn of spring flowers have now yielded their end gains, so ripe that when you stand alone in the orchard you can hear the distant sound of falling fruit make its way to the earth, where alas, they find rest.”

Photographer Bio

Jamie Beck is an award-winning American photographer and NYT Bestselling author of An American in Provence. Beck is best known for co-creating the Cinemagraph, with her husband Kevin Burg, and for her work and life in Provence; including her Isolation Creation series.

Details — Our tough phone case is designed to be durable, featuring a dual layered material for extra protection. The outer coat is made from specialist impact resistant plastic which is extremely strong and lightweight. A black flexible silicone inner gives additional shock absorption.