Domain Milan Pinot Noir 2021, Medium Poster by Jamie Beck

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" Nature always continues on...You might stop us, but you will never stop her." A highly stylized photoshoot of model Louise Pascal reimagined as Mother Nature by Jamie Beck for the organic Domain Milan Pinot Noir label of 2021.
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Featured | Domain Milan Pinot Noir 2021 by Jamie Beck

"I have dreamed to create this photograph for years, a Lady Godiva of Provence.

It is an incredible honor and yearly journey to create the “Le Premier Pinot Noir" wine labels for natural winemakers @domainemilan in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence starting with 2014 up until the newly released 2021. Many of the eight years are already sold out and up until now, the photographic subject matter has been foraged still lives in my studio from the vineyard as I strived to tell the story of the wine, the terroir, and the Milan family year by year.

…but 2021 was different. A different story. In a post-pandemic world I had been shown things that slipped between the cracks of day. Nature always continues on, doing her work, shedding her light, sprinkling her magic. You might stop us, but you will never stop her. She will still bring the spring and the rain, the summer and the sun relentlessly, and ultimately the grapes that turn into pressed Pinot Noir wine. This was to become my Lady Godiva moment. The goddess Mother Nature as realized by @louisepascal.

My original vision was to adorn Louise and the white vineyard horse, Mistral, in vines and wild flowers but when actualized in front of the lens I striped it all away to pure nature. The power is in the movement, strength in the bodies. They are natural wine makers, she, whom I think of as a guiding star that descends to earth, needs nothing more adorning than what she already is.

We awoke before dawn to meet Olivier and Mistral in a spot in the vineyard I had always knew I wanted to frame something in. This photograph is comprised of 11 photographic plates. For example, the horse’s tail is a flick created by Olivier tossing it for me over and over to get the right swoop. The pink flowers in the bottom right (the signature pink of the winery) were added in as a subtle nod to the Domaine. The horse’s stepping foot, head, noise and ever ears (!!) are all separate plates “painted” together in photoshop."

Photographer Bio

Jamie Beck is an award-winning American photographer and NYT Bestselling author of An American in Provence. Beck is best known for co-creating the Cinemagraph, with her husband Kevin Burg, and for her work and life in Provence; including her Isolation Creation series.

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Museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper ; Paper Size: 12 x 16 inches