Pure Lemon Blossom Honey

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This Lemon Honey is a wonderful addition to any kitchen. The lemon flavor of this honey is attributed to the bees feeding predominantly on lemon flowers.
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Ingredients: 100% Honey

This honey is beautiful when drizzled over melon slices, delicious added in a sauce or vinaigrette, and it is especially good with a white fish. 8.8 oz

Located in Luberon, just north of the beautiful Aix en Provence in France, L'Abeille Occitane is known worldwide for their exquisite, all-natural honey varieties. The company specializes in producing mono-varietal honeys by collecting honey from bees fed on specific plants and trees. The cold press extraction process used by L'Abeille Occitane preserves the integrity and natural flavors of the honey. No artificial flavoring is used at any stage, so each jar is filled with only the purest form of luscious honey.