Seasoning Oil for Cast Iron

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A carefully formulated blend of grapeseed and sunflower oils infused with beeswax, this seasoning oil is formulated to keep your cast iron and carbon steel cookware in top shape. Apply sparingly to mature your skillet.
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Notes: Apply thin layer with paper towel. US Made. Shelf life of 1 year

About Smithey Ironware

After years of studying collector’s books and bird-dogging rusty old pieces to restore to their 1890’s 19th century glory, the founder decided to try his hand at creating and sharing a cast iron cookware line that honored the classic style of vintage pieces, but also harnessed modern technology and processes.

From there, he partnered with a Charleston blacksmith to expand the line into carbon steel cookware, each piece hand-forged and visually unique to create something beautiful and functional, meant to last generations. 

Use with these Cast Iron Skillets