Astier Porte Des Lilas Incense

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A verdant fragrance inspired by the overflowing gardens of Porte de Lilas, containing essences of Italian Bergamot, Madagascan Ylang-Ylang, Indian jasmine sambac, Rose, Heliotrope and Musk. Perfume designed with Alexandra Monet in their Paris studio.
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Materials: Box of approximately 125 sticks. Burning time 30 minutes each.

Porte de Lilas

A dream of times past: next stop, Porte des Lilas. At the exit of the celebrated 20s metro station, the stairs bring the delighted voyager to alleys neatly bordered by pretty little houses, with mauve lilacs overflowing their garden fences. One is enraptured by the delicious and verdant fragrances, mixed here and there with puffs of rose and jasmine. 

Astier de Villatte

Astier de Villatte is a ceramics workshop in Paris that revives and modernizes the tradition of 18th century craftsmanship, creating objets d’art inspired by discarded treasures unearthed at brocantes across France. This line of timeless, hand-sculpted ceramics and fragrance includes incense holders, incense, candles, and eau de cologne.

Astier Incense

The best incense in the world is found on the island of Awaji, due to its favorable climate. For more than a thousand years it has been made here by the Koh-shis or Masters of Aromas, a tradition passed down from father to son. They alone perfectly master the four stages of production: the dosage of exclusively natural materials, precious woods, herbs, plants, vegetable resins, and perfume; the kneading of the dough, pressed and worked for a long time, then left to stand for two weeks to soak up the fragrance; the cutting of the dough, rolled into long, narrow ribbons, to the desired size; then drying in the west wind for three days before bundling the sticks.


Light the end of the stick with a match, blow out the flame and leave to smoke. Plant the stick in an incense burner or a bowl of sand. Do not use in a flammable environment. Do not leave burning without supervision. Keep out of reach of children and animals.

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