Atlas de Poche des Plantes des Champs des Prairies Série II

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A pocket guide to 154 plants common to the fields, meadows, and woodlands of France. Created in 1900 for excursionists, hikers, and amateur botanists, it details growing seasons and locales written by specialist R. Siélain. Illustrated by A. d’Apreval.
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These colorful curiosities are a faithful reproduction of the “Naturalist’s Pocket Library,” a series created during the late 19th and early 20th century by Paul Klincksieck and a collection of specialists in their various fields.

Each features a different collection of natural phenomena, carefully cataloged with detailed illustrations and a vast array of scientific knowledge and practical advice. Many feature plates originally colored by chromolithography, a printing process that required no fewer than five passes on the press. All text is in French.