Salted Caramel Barista Cube Stick

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A classic, yet elevated combination of caramel and fleur del sel, these LUXE sugar cubes add a delightful sweet and salty flavor profile to your coffee, tea, or cocktail, making the every day extraordinary!
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How to Use

Drop a LUXE cube into your hot tea or coffee and stir! OR for cold drinks, muddle cube in a splash of water to make a simple syrup, then add your tea or coffee.


Made from 100% natural ingredients. No extra chemicals or additives. Less than a teaspoon of sugar per LUXE Cube, approximately 16 calories and 4 carbs. Our ingredients are exclusively sourced from fair-trade farms. 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging.


Cane sugar, organic vegan caramel powder, organic orange dye & fleur de sel