Artist Spotlight | Ex Votos Cabezas

Vibrant, interesting, hand-painted and entirely unique, these Cabezas (ceramic heads) are sought after around the world for their artistry and finesse. ⁠Styled after ancient votive offerings, the pieces deliver traditional flavor with a fresh perspective.

Story of Ex Votos & Their Cabezas

Luciano Galán and Daniel Maldonado form a duo of Andalusian artists who merged the different disciplines they learned in art school to create something new. 

Daniel, trained at the art school and the "della robbia" school in the art of ceramics, headed to Lisbon, where he specialized in ceramic restoration studying Portuguese techniques while Luciano’s studies of wood and stone carving taught him the secrets of religious sculpture. At one time he traveled to Venice where he worked at "mondonovo maschere", the most prestigious laboratory for masks and sculptures in the city, modeling and creating pieces using the cartapesta technique.

Through these trips, to Lisbon, Daniel and Venice Luciano decide to unite and establish their own studio creating an art workshop under the name of "the ex-votos"  under which they’ve operated for more than 20 years. Using organic materials such as clay, wood, paper, or cloth, they combine ancient techniques to create pieces with traditional flavor but a fresh perspective—decorative art inspired by religion, nature, theater, painting or history.

Their vibrant, intriguing cabezas serve as conversation starters and unique centerpieces to a room, sparking a sense of awe and delight with their painted lips and quirked brows as though they're in on a joke no one else can hear. Perhaps you'll be the first to catch on? 

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03 Jan 2023
Dr. Mary Chang
Please send pricing and order info.
01 Jan 2023
Anita Thomas
Please send me prices on the ceramic heads, thanks.
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