Artist Spotlight | Nathalie Lété

Colorful, naive, poetic, and sometimes strange, Nathalie Lété loves to mix mediums and techniques across her diverse collection of art. From her earliest works, she's drawn inspiration from vintage engravings of flora, fauna, and children's tales across the literary canon.

Her work is also heavily influenced by folk art elements from both Germany and China.

“I’m half Chinese and half German, and I think you can see this in my work, and in my way of life,” she says. “I think of myself as a traveler - traveling in stories, traveling in different kinds of art, traveling into the past, into childhood, into fairytales.”

Nathalie now calls Paris home, working alongside her equally artistic daughter to craft scarves, prints, and so much more that we are delighted to carry at The Paris Market. 

"As a child, toys were always my heroes and friends. I had no brothers or sisters, only my imagination. Even now as an adult, I'm not really that interested in reality."

It was a pure delight to meet Nathalie on a trip to Paris this past fall, and I cannot wait until the day we connect once again!

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24 Mar 2023
Susan J Palazzolo
I love her work! Colorful & whimsical!
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