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Founded in 2016, Saint Signora was born from a desire to breathe new life into well-loved pieces and Old World artforms such as calligraphy and wax seal stamps. Katie Hyatt, the founder, delights in discovering the perfect timeworn patina, linens which have graced table after table but still hold their elegance in varied wear, a leather box which opens to reveal silk tatters of a once grand life.
The allure of Saint Signora pieces is the embrace of what many might consider flaws; however, it is in these relics’ imperfections their stories are truly revealed.
This is what sets Saint Signora apart, and what's kept us spellbound for years: storytelling using items and practices that would be forgotten if artisans—such as Katie —left them scattered in the dark.
Katie Hyatt herself is the self-taught calligrapher, stationer, papermaker and antiquarian behind Signora e Mare and Saint Signora. With a keen eye and delicate hand, she sources her pieces from Europe and the Southern United States based on the Japanese aesthetic concept “Wabi-sabi”… embracing the beauty in imperfection and worn splendor.
Her paper goods invoke old world nostalgia and romanticism with their delicate writing and textural features, and she has been featured in the likes of Martha Steward Weddings, Wedding Sparrow, Once Wed, Ruffled, and Style Me Pretty to name a few.  
And as much pleasure as we take in watching her journey unfold online, it's with the utmost delight that we get to invite her to Savannah for an in-person workshop February 8th, to learn an artform many of us have been curious about over the years: calligraphy.
You are cordially invited to an intimate, 2-hour workshop on the Art of Calligraphy and Wax Seal Stamps led by Saint Signora in our Savannah shop the evening of February 8th, from 6-8pm.⁠
With champagne and a full starter kit, Katie will guide you through the first steps of writing calligraphy, as well as how to create and apply a proper wax seal stamp. Whether you're intrigued by this Old World artform or hoping to learn from a master in order to pen your wedding invitations or write to old friends, this is an excellent way to spend an evening and begin your own practice. 
Tickets Include: 
A 2-hour workshop led by calligrapher, stationer, and antiquarian Katie Hyatt. 
Learning the basics of organic calligraphy and how to use a wax seal 
Set of Calligraphy Worksheets, lesson plan and guide
Inkpot, nib, and oblique holder (I’ll have a few standard holders for left-handed people)
Pencil and gum eraser 
1.25 in brass and wooden wax seal, and wax
Set of handmade paper notecards and envelopes 
A meet & greet with Katie (Saint Signora) before we begin.
Secure your spot, and purchase tickets here! 
*Photography by Erich McVey*
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