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Entirely hand-made, with a design informed by heritage restoration, Antoinette Poisson invokes the intimate interior designs of the 18th century with their refined, classically-derived Domino Papers.

Co-founders and artistic directors of À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson, Vincent Farelly and Jean-Baptiste Martin, first discovered their passion for this Old World technique when they visited a historic home in Auvergne, France. Beneath layers of wallpaper that had accumulated over the centuries, they discovered fragments of domino paper—an art previously lost to time. 

"Dominoterie,” as they would soon uncover, is a technique that entails first engraving a pattern into the printing block from a metal relief, then painting or stenciling the piece into being. Traditionally, these would be used to cover books, caskets, chests, and cabinets, but they wished to repurpose it—create something to be appreciated and useful in the modern era. 

The Antoinette Poisson domino paper collection was born in 2012—drawn, printed sheet by sheet on pure cotton rag paper, and coloured in their Parisian atelier. Vincent and Jean-Baptiste create original designs or take their inspiration from historical documents and objects as they come across them, and have even embarked on several collaborations. 

Because of this handcrafted aspect, all Antoinette Poisson pieces are entirely unique—from the classic Domino Papers to their new line of linen cushions. Irregularities may appear, adding to the character and authenticity.

Though tradition found use for these intimate Parisian designs in covering small objects, we invite you to hang them above your desks, beside your kitchen windows—in whatever space your creative heart comes alive.

Merci à Vincent et Jean-Baptiste for inviting me to their atelier in Paris several years ago. It was a pure delight to catch a glimpse into your creative process, and understand what it takes to revive the savoir-faire behind this particular art.

*All photos of the Paris atelier were taken by Ruth Ribeaucourt

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