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Luxe Provence is a slow-fashion, limited-edition brand created exclusively in France with the finest artists, ateliers, and couturières of the region to conjure silhouettes inspired by the effortless romanticism of Provence. Combining high-quality natural fibers with expert French savoir-faire, LUXE is able to create timeless collections designed to be worn for a lifetime. 



In 2018, Founder and Creative Director Tarik Koivisto exchanged her decades-long career in graphic design for her first and truest love: fashion. Poised in the charming hilltop village she calls home, Tarik took pencil to paper and designed a series of garments inspired by the abundant natural beauty and rich, artisanal history witnessed along the cobblestoned streets every day. From the beginning, her designs prioritized not only romance and style, but sustainability as well so that each piece was truly created for the benefit of Provence, preserving French techniques and textile workers. 



It starts with the materials: hand-selected, certified EU linen along with French cotton, silks, and luxury deadstock from only the finest producers to preserve a mindset of quality over quantity. Each collection, once conceptualized, is then pieced together by highly skilled couturières and seamstresses in the finest French ateliers from Provence to Paris. 

To achieve the colors Tarik imagines, Luxe collaborates with natural dye textile artisans in Provence, along with sustainable textile designer Aurore Pelisson for custom, plant-based pieces that form unique and organic prints for silk and linen creations. 


Featured in Vogue, Marie Claire, Veranda, InStyle, and WhoWhatWear, Luxe Provence is a brand to watch.


Model — Louise Pascal

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