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Designed in charming Notting Hill, these linen tablecloths represent a dream shared by two best friends to breathe new life into table design—the creation of June Summerill and Bernadette Bishop.

About thirty years ago in a small café, these two dear friends poured their dreams onto paper—creating something treasured by them both. A shop that could connect people with one another, infusing artistry and warmth back into the dining table so it could become a collective experience once again. 

Slightly rustic, but with a distinctly modern sensibility, this single meeting became the cornerstone of what Summerill and Bishop's shop would be. And for years, they created a lovely, intimate environment together until the day came Bernadette passed away. 

In the wake of their loss, the families knit together a plan to extend Bernadette's legacy and June's vision beyond their single shop. It started with Bernadette's flower, found in a cookery book from her kitchen—a sweet, little design she would add to every letter as a second signature. 

A year after her passing, Bernadette's flower became the first of their unique, hand-crafted linen tablecloth designs, sparking a new era for the brand and what they stood for. 



Table setting is an artform, one that begins with the cloth. Brilliantly-colored or subtle and sweet, it sets the tone for the entire design and can make or break a dinner party depending on how it's done. Summerill & Bishop knew this, and by knowing it, set out to create patterns that were not only unique, but versatile to seasons and settings. 

Their only rule for crafting these cloths: if they wouldn't hang it on the wall, it shouldn't be on the table. 

With these linens, we encourage you to breathe joie de vivre into your gatherings once more. Create memories, legendary garden parties, birthday dinners, and feasts your friends will remember for decades to come. And consider these tablecloths as Summerill & Bishop do. 

The Fabric of Life. 


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