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 A collection of enchanting jewelry inspired by wanderlust, longing, and a fall from grace. 
Designed by the owner of The Paris Market, Paula Danyluk.


A fair-skinned woman with dark black, curly hair looks off to the side, red-tinted limps and a dark curl of lash seen against an autumnal backdrop. Around her neck is a golden chain with a dark red, carnelian pendant.



If you haven't yet surmised, we fallen aristocrats adore fairy tales. 
Not the saccharine stories filled with song—but the dark ones. The Grimm. Drama drenched in sweet shadow, hearts torn apart by love, velvet-green forests and enchanted mirrors decadent with hidden jewels.
Collect them for yourselves, these legends captured in stone and glass. Are you a queen driven mad? A sorceress building her own ivory tower, or the lost princess tucked inside? 
What role do you play in fairy land? 


Against an elegant, painted backdrop with gold swirls lies a charm bracelet on a thick, golden chain. To the left, a triple leaf with ruby-red jewel, then a black crest in a circle, a golden hand with a peacock pearl at the tip, a violet glass cameo, and golden coin with the queen's face in profile.

A tale born of the Black Forest, with twisting branches and gnarled roots, ruby-red apples and hair black as night. We all know how it goes, with a lovely little girl who drew the jealous eye of an Evil Queen. 

In a singular charm bracelet, we've worked to capture this legend's spirit and mystery in one. A golden leaf for the forest, a bright red stone blanketing its edge. An onyx-black crest for the princess, and an outstretched hand with a poisoned fruit just beyond. 

A mirror in violet glass, and coin embossed with the queen's image complete the chain.

But the storytelling isn't quite over.




A colorful backdrop is painted like the European palace ceilings in blues, pinks, greens, and yellow. Spiraled around the center lies our golden stick-chain necklace which has 12 brilliant, glass stones attached at even intervals, the colors matching birthstones.

Once upon an evening, twelve clever princesses wore their dancing shoes thin—but only beneath the cover of darkness, tucked behind a locked door to their room. Curious yet quick to temper, their father fails to understand where it is they go, and promises both daughters and kingdom to the man who can unlock their secret. 

Of course, one does—a sneak of a soldier who steals behind them into a magical trap door and walks through forests: silver, diamond, gold. Across three nights, he steals twigs from the woods and a golden cup, until he can prove to the king where it is his daughters go.  

He's a hero in the end, but who do we remember centuries after the tale was first spun? Twelve brilliant girls, woven together with strands of gold.


Our bright, colorful necklace on a light gold stick-chain hangs in a half-moon arc with 12 bright, glass stones representing each birth month. The words "Arcobaleno Necklace" hang above.
An arcobaleno is rumored to bridge this world with the divine. With a crescent of stars as colorful and abundant as seaglass, this rainbow offers the chance to bear twelve rays of light upon your collarbone, and hold community with both the earthly and divine in life.


Laid on top of the painted backdrop of a gentle forest scene lies a light, golden stick chain necklace with charms spaced at even intervals—opalesque white, crescent moon, a gold circle with 2 petite stars, a sunshine-yellow central stone, golden key, star, and light pink stone charm.

In an overgrown garden behind a moss-covered wall, a desperate father plucked greens from the earth—fragrant and crisp, enough to satisfy his poor wife's belly that was only just starting to swell. It was only his bad luck the sorceress who tended that garden craved a child as well.  

Rapunzel would be her name, for the delicate greens that cost her a home. Raised by the sorceress, the girl grew lovely and light—until jealous of the world's gaze, the sorceress locked her in a tower with no way to escape. For years she subsisted on the sun's passage and starlight, dreaming of a life just beyond her reach, until the day a prince arrived.

We'll spare you the gory details of what came next. 

This bracelet is one of hope, spinning a tale of its own with the brilliant sundrop at its center, a key just beside, the moon and stars and soft, colorful stones mirroring either side. 

Romance & Dreams of a Far-Flung Future
"If I'm honest I have to tell you I still read fairy-tales and I like them best of all."
- Audrey Hepburn
A dark-haired white woman stands elegantly against a soft, neutral background in an old chateau. She wears a black silk dress, grand blue-stoned antiqued gold earrings, her image caught in a mirror as well as she stands beside a wooden writing desk.Photo - Jamie Beck | Model - Louise Pascal
Note: All Fallen Aristocrat jewelry is small-batch, and therefore supply is limited. If you'd like a specific charm, but our selections online are showing it's out of stock, please email us at customerservice@theparismarket.com and submit a request to be informed when we have it back! Most styles are replenished within 2-3 weeks. 
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