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A delicate charm necklace with golden seashells, sand dollars, pearls, and glass stone jewels is draped over a brilliant conch shell with a soft pink interior and peachy-gold exterior.

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Dwelling place of divinity inlaid with luminescent pearl and silvered whispers of the old gods, the grotto is a place of rebirth and primordial creation. Carved by the sea to host her myriad secrets held captive by time, it collects broken dreams and shattered hearts alongside golden chains of longing.
Merfolk call it home, wrapping their lips around untold songs to form peculiar pearls of shadow and brilliant, melodic light. Herons walk the water in a state of endless grace, plucking fish sculpted by salt from a seabed rich with coral and abundant life.
Steeped in Old World lore and winding currents of magic, the grotto is where humanity is born anew.
A white woman with short, white-blonde hair stands on a beach at golden hour, tossing her seafoam green shawl into the air to catch the wind.
In naming these pieces, we drew upon the ancient gods, poetry perched on Roman tongues, and a gathering of strange, lovely creations gifted by the sea and sky. Our pearl necklace honors Venus, and the droplets of sea foam from which she was born. But for the Starlight Coral Earrings, we turned our gaze to the night sky. 
Distinctive as late summer starlight, these freshwater pearl earrings branched like coral awash in shades of ethereal pinks, purples, and blues caught in white. Colored glass stones hold the pieces aloft while an intricate golden star dangles from the bottom.
A white woman with white-blonde hair and myriad freckles smiles softly in the late-afternoon sunlight. A gleaming freshwater pearl earring dangles from her ear, branched like a chicken foot with a dark stone at the top and a tiny, golden star hanging at the bottom. Around her neck is a gold, stick-chain necklace holding a single, freshwater pearl. A pair of gleaming, freshwater pearl earrings shaped like chicken feet or coral with three branches. The bottoms hold tiny golden stars, while the top is secured by a topaz on one, and another stone on the other.
Mother of Pearl brings divine wisdom and intuition, offering clarity and strength of mind. Crafted in wonder below the churning sea, centuries have seen this glowing nacre formed into jewelry and engraved into tools adorning the homes of Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Mesopotamians, and Indians alike.
Lustrous mother of pearl invites a glimpse of magic into your life, pale as the shimmering moon for which our Luna pieces were named. 
Mother-of-Pearl gleams as the central, oval stone on this golden ring. An oval-shaped pendant backed in gold and covered in glass, the central image is a frosted heron in a slightly opaque, white color against an enamel blue background. An elegant pair of earrings that hold oval-shaped mother-of-pearl in a golden frame that loops around the design. It looks a bit like a mirror might.
“My brow still burns from the kiss of the queen; I have dreamed in the grotto where the siren swims . . .”
Gérard de Nerval
A light-skinned hand holds multiple pieces of jewelry including a necklace that dangles from the bottom, shaped like golden coral branches covered in seashells, coral-shaped charms, freshwater pearls, etc. It's set against the backdrop of an East coast beach at dusk, with soft pink, blue, and purple skies and a calm sea, the full moon in the top left corner.
Sirena del Mare — named for the famed Sirens of the Sea—is crafted of majestic branches of coral woven through with treasures of the whispering sea. The two halves meet in a delicate kiss across the collarbones to bear a single, glimmering stone bright as pure sunlight. 
This regal necklace, and its earring counterparts, host starlight, pearls, seashells and coral on a golden chain—a trove worthy of the sirens who spun it into existence.
A pair of gleaming coral-branch earrings from which dangle tiny gold seashell charms, glass stones, coral-shaped charms, and freshwater pearls. They are set against a cream-colored background.
Shells hold an abundance of meaning across many cultures. Deeply grooved in a golden fan, the scallop shell represents pilgrimage and arrival to the divine while the smooth, rounded cowrie shell forebodes wealth and fertility. 
A gold, stick chain with small, round glass pearls holds a gorgeous golden oyster pendant with an ivory-colored interior, and a single peacock pearl at its center. It's set against a seafoam green panel with the text: "Golden Oyster Pendant on a Round Pearl Chain Necklace."
Crafted with a rough, imperfect exterior, oysters hold a different sort of magic—alchemy that allows them to transform sand into pearls in secret. It is no wonder that legend would have us believe Venus emerged from their shells. Symbolic of peace, duality, balance, and the inner self, the oyster is an omen of quiet reflection, and radical internal change.
Small, bright gold, and shaped in a circle with 5 tiny holes in the shape of a star, this charm represents a sand dollar. A pair of mismatched earrings each of which is topped by a tiny scallop shell. In three sections you have the shell at the top, then a freshwater pearl hanging from that, and attached to the bottom of the left is a piece of red, coral-shaped resin while the right has a small gold sand-dollar charm. A tiny, bright gold shell-shaped charm with rough, scalloped edges fans out from a center.
Linger in the Grotto a while, and see what you might find. 
- Paula
A white woman tucks a lock of blonde hair back, putting her wrist and the bracelet on it at the focal point. The bracelet is made of a delicate, bright gold rolo chain and contains a gold starfish charm, a red coral-shaped resin charm, a gold compass, and multiple others slightly out of sight.
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Photography — Olivia Crutchfield (@livcrutchphoto)
Art Director — Nicki Wehrs (@nicki.wehrs)
Model — Charley Redrick (@charleyreddd)
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