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Star-crossed lovers must occasionally hide their glances in the dark. 

In the 18th century, George IV, the Prince of Wales, fell in love with a widowed commoner named Maria Fitzherbert. Forbidden by his family to engage her, they abstained from declaring adoration until the day came George could no longer be parted from her.

 In 1785, the prince sent a parcel containing a miniature portrait of his eye wrapped by pearls, and a letter pleading with Maria to become his wife. 

 Within the year, Maria accepted and in return, offered a portrait of her own eye which he kept in a locket tucked close beside his heart for the rest of his days. Lover's Eyes swept Europe over the following century, fitted with precious jewels to honor adored ones both living and long-past. ⁠

When we sought to revive this Old World art, our design came about with careful thought toward a contemporary audience. We played with materials and various eye shapes and colors until we established our original collection of pendants and brooches still available to this day!

But our highest hope has always been to offer custom pieces designed after your own beloved's gaze—a feat we've achieved with the help of a local Savannah artist.

Photo | Jamie Beck

Each custom piece starts with a photograph and description, detailing the eye you wish to capture forever in paint and gold. It can be a lover, a parent, a child—someone precious to you.

An heirloom to last generations. 

“Your eyes speak shy and tender,
all they want is to be loved deeper.”



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