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Artful and eclectic, with an air of eccentricity, these pieces were envisioned after years spent walking the halls of some of the most noteworthy museums in the world. Rare golden treasures trapped behind glass only to gleam in endless temptation.

The Museum Collection found its heartbeat with the original Aristocrate trinity.



Years of wandering the brocantes of France had left Paula with a collection of vintage charms and a well of inspiration. Musing on the timeless displays of crown jewels laid over velvet, and oil paintings vivid with color, she reimagined these metal charms as tiny pieces of art woven between vibrant, hand-cut glass stones found in Germany.

Artful and distinctive, it began with fifteen charms, coins, cameos, and intaglios—a delicate yet powerful collection purposefully mismatched to catch the light from every angle. Woven into a framework of genuine Carnelian and Taiwan jade, freshwater pearl and Czech black diamond crystal pavé, each piece of the trinity promised protection, strength, creativity.

Intention laced with beauty and charm. 


Curate yourself like a rare exhibition. 

Embrace the vivacity and depth of jewel-toned drops and vintage monocles; the serenity of doves and wild wonder of a looking glass. What treasures can you draw in from the world around you?


“You are a museum full of art. And I am a poet in search of inspiration.”


*Primary photography by Jamie Beck, featuring model Louise Pascal

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