Fallen Aristocrat | Sweetheart Series

Hearts have been en vogue since the 13th century, gifted as secret tokens in the age of knighthood and courtly love—but their history extends into the ancient and natural worlds. Ivy and fig leaves bear this symbol in the wild, replicated by long-gone hands on cave walls or carved into the sides of pots by Roman apothecaries.
And for our Modern Muses, do you remember some of the most iconic pieces of jewelry from our favorite films? The Heart of the Ocean in Titanic, the locket worn by Barbie, Elle Woods' necklace in the opening scene of Legally Blonde
Timeless symbols of affection and loyalty, we believe it's well past time for hearts to re-enter the conversation. 
A bright red heart charm hangs from a golden, paperclip chain, with little beams radiating from its center to end in a series of points along the outer edge.

From now through the end of the week, enjoy the Elisa and Carine Heart Necklaces at 30% off retail price!



Three Time's the Charm!

A triple-chain look assembled by Madeline, using three London paperclip chains paired with a circle connector and two Elisa heart charms. Email or call for details on pricing, or DM to create your own.



“There is a silk ladder unrolled across the ivy 
There is 
That leaning over the precipice  
Of the hopeless fusion of your presence and absence  
I have found the secret  
Of loving you 
Always for the first time" 
André Breton
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