Gift Guide | Rose-Colored Glasses

A lover's gift guide, steeped in Old World romance and the delicate, ever-fragrant petals of a rose.

Let us inspire your Valentine's day with a twist on tradition while keeping your rose-colored glasses on.


1. Truffle Tin 12-Piece, Bower of Roses

A 12-piece truffle tin created by Louis Sherry chocolatier, who was the first to craft American chocolate in the French tradition and present it as a luxury gift in a decorative tin.

Born of the Gilded Age in New York, 1881, Louis Sherry was the first to craft American chocolate in the French tradition, and present it as a luxury gift enclosed in a decorative tin. 


2. Rose Pastille Candy

3. Tuileries Classic Candle by Trudon

The Tuileries line was conceived as an homage to the rose, the Queen’s favorite flower throughout her life, seen in the pink-tinted glass and fragrance it holds.

Founded in 1643, Claude Trudon sold his first candle out of a small Parisian shop that would someday hold the Royal Wax Manufacture, and be the only one of its time to  innovate perfectly white beeswax candles that would then supply the Imperial court of France. 


4. Rose Flavigny Tin

Truly delightful, these Rose mints are sweet, with a subtly minty taste. These all-natural candies are housed in a vintage decorative tin, with about 30 mints per tin.

Made in France.


5. Rose Month Poster by Jamie Beck

A museum-quality poster of Rose Month Day 7 photographed by Jamie Beck, featuring vivid pink roses and Provence peonies gifted by friends in her French village.
"It is all quite simple, and really small, this life, but I love it. And this is exactly the picture I paint in my mind when I hear 'La Vie en Rose.'"


6. Rose Pink Stone Charm by Fallen Aristocrat

Intricately detailed and rich with color, the charms of our Aristocrate line are cast from vintage prayer coins, cameos, intaglios, and glass stones sourced across Europe, promising to bestow beauty, protection, and strength to whomever the wearer may be.

Fallen Aristocrat is a collection of enchanting jewelry inspired by wanderlust, longing, and a fall from grace. 


7. Rose and Berry Tray by John Derian

A petite, round tray, this objet d'art features a large, pale pink rose with green leaves and blueberries from an 18th century fan découpaged beneath handblown glass by John Derian in his New York studio.

Please read more about John Derian's history and artwork at our blog here!


8. Rose Shimmer Body Oil

In a collaboration with Jamie Beck and Casa Brava, this gorgeous rose-scented oil was developed to highlight and nourish every inch of your skin. Used by Jamie Beck in every self portrait.
Made with premium and organic camellia, watermelon and French olive oils to nourish and hydrate the skin. Wild sea buckthorn helps boost energy into cells and encourages elasticity. The resplendence of La Vie en Rose derives from the Queen of flowers, the Damask rose cherished for her precious elegant perfume.

9. Botticelli's Roses Pocket Journal

Whether you're an adventurer or a creative spirit, the Pocket Journals are your passport to inspiration—a must-have for dreamers, artists, and lovers of all things beautiful.
Featuring photography by Jamie Beck, and lined pages for notetaking.

10. Bianca Hand Cream by Tocca

A rich cream of coconut oil and shea butter infused with an intoxicatingly fresh blend of lemon orpur and mandarin, green tea and rose petals, leaving a dash of musk and sugar on the skin.
Tocca—’touch’ in Italian—is a line of fragrance devoted to a lifestyle of timeless beauty and old-world European charm. 
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