Paula's Table | Spring Luncheon

A meal is not ready to begin without first consulting l'art de la table.

The art of table setting. 



One of the first things you learn dwelling amongst the French is how to dress a table with care and precision, yet as with most of their traditions, there are no written rules—simply a right way, and a wrong way. It is a language formed of experience, rife with nuance and hidden meanings. 

But the building blocks remain quite simple. We begin with la nappe: the tablecloth.



Flirtatious yet practical, a tablecloth likes to dance in whatever breeze tugs its skirts along. It’s best to go with a fabric heavy enough to establish a stable base for the rest of the meal without weighing down one’s legs—and also why antiques remain one of the most popular finds at a brocante. Spun from linen or cotton, often edged in  lace, they make for a beautiful yet simple canvas to the rest of the meal. 

But this is the Paris Market, and one of Paula’s favorite things is to mix the old with the new. 

A bright print of Morning Glories shines centerstage in the table runner Paula picked up this past spring—balanced by an array of neutral napkins lined in their own unique colors.



Texture and history make up the bones of this table, echoed by mouth-blown Beldi glassware whose unique style was invented in 1949. Formed with a raised ring around their center (brushed by gold in this particular design), these glasses were crafted so that they could hold freshly-boiled Moroccan tea, or the sweetest lemonade without cracking. 

Montes Doggett, meanwhile, was created as a way to draw storytelling and artistry back to the dinner table, each piece hand-made by artisans from the purest clay. 



This tablescape is spun of stories. It represents a collection of the earth, from Mexico to Morocco, France to LA. With a design rooted in intention, there is yet still room to play. 

Pour prosecco over sorbet, pop a few fresh raspberries on top, invite your favorite friends over, and enjoy the afternoon!




Find Every Element Below




1. Aviary Pitcher No. 3 Flour
2. Flamingo Pin Cocktail Napkin
3. Beldi Medium Glass with Gold Ring
4. Morning Glory Runner
5. Magnolia Large Head Vase
6. Rialto Glassware
7. Vintage Small Silver Candlestick
8. Montes Doggett 
9. Morning Glory Napkin
10. Rainbow Napkin
11. Antique Silver Butter Knife Set


All links may be found by clicking through images, or the listed items above.


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