Infinity Loop Bracelet

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An infinity loop symbolizes eternity. It is the expanse of time itself—lessons from the wandering past into an unfurling future, tiptoeing the line somewhere in the present between. These interwoven, bright gold loops remind us that we are infinite.
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Modern Muse Collection

The Modern Muse is a crossroads of ancient wisdom and youthful audacity, inspiring the wearer to be artless and daring in their play. Layers of chains and charms offer the chance to be curious, subdued, or wild—a true muse for modernity.

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Fallen Aristocrat

Fallen Aristocrat is a collection of enchanting jewelry inspired by wanderlust, longing, and a fall from grace. By Paula Danyluk, exclusively for The Paris Market.

The styled photo features our Infinity Loop Bracelet with the Ardea Heron Charm and the Nekhau Fish Pendant.