Elementos Baobab Candle

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Two styles of hand-blown glass candle reflecting the elements of the earth and sky: Gaia and Tethys. Its aromatic scent of peppermint and geranium will keep insects away. Read their unique descriptions and sizes below!
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Notes: Peppermint - Geranium - Driftwood

Baobab Candles 

Sophisticated and harmonious, Baobab begins with mouthblown glass shaped by masters into objets d’art. These decorative containers are then filled with precious scents forged by expert perfumers in Grasse, France to spin stories through the air every time the wicks are lit. 


With its deep green color, the Gaïa scented candle pays tribute to the earth goddess whose name it bears. The two-tone green glazed ceramic, ranging from almond green to dark khaki, has crackled reflections that give depth to the material. Peppermint - Geranium - Driftwood


The Téthys scented candle is made by Portuguese craftsmen. The ceramic is glazed withreactive glazes in a two-tone dress of pale pink and indigo blue with a material effect thatforms small craters. Each ceramic is different and one can notice large variations in color. Peppermint - Geranium - Driftwood

Dimensions & Details

  Height Estimated burning Wicks Weight
MAX 10 10cm 60h 4 wicks 1.3 kg
MAX 16 16cm 150h 4 wicks 2.3 kg
MAX 24 24cm 400h 5 wicks 5.2 kg
MAX 35 35cm 800h 7 wicks 10.35 kg