Fiori di Campo Pasotti Umbrella

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An elegant solution to a rainy day, this Italian-made luxury umbrella features a light purple exterior and bright, floral interior extending from a jeweled brass handle. Popular across London, Paris, Milan, and Beijing, this brand is set apart.
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Dimensions: Length: 93cm | Diameter: 102cm

Pasotti Umbrellas

These luxury umbrellas are a tale of family legacy and high craft, started in 1956 by Ernesa Pasotti in the countryside of Italy. She created one-of-a-kind parasols by hand her husband would then sell—a home operation that grew into an entire industry over the span of their lifetime, yet the quality remains unmatched. 

Now, Pasotti produces 40,000 umbrellas using materials exclusive to Italy, from the enameled brass handles to the precious fabrics and other decorations. Sold across the finest cities of Europe, we are delighted to house a few of their designs in Savannah at last.