Paperolle Reliquaries, Green and White

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Exquisite, original works of art inspired by 18th century reliquaries crafted in monasteries and convents, reimagined in a series of miniature message boxes fashioned of antique paper by artist Corinne Seranno out of her studio in Provence.
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Description & French Phrases

A round, lidded reliquary box made of antique papers that display a pattern of cream colored lace over a light green backing wrapped by a gold ribbon. Inside lies an ink printed design and the French words “Vrai" ; "Amour" ; "Heureux" ; "Douceur" ; "Confiance" ; "Fidèle."

The French script is meant to convey a message to a lover—Truth, Love, Happiness, Sweetness, Trust, and Loyalty.

*Each box is entirely handmade of antique papers; as such any small imperfections are a part of their handcrafted charm. 

Corinne Bernizet Serrano

Artist Corinne Serrano stays true to this slow-craft tradition with her own fastidious work in antique paper and textiles, transforming found objects into something inspired. Using papier-mâché, she creates a base structure for her artworks, and then finishes them with vintage textiles and lace out of her studio in Provence, France. 

This collection, in particular, honors the rich tapestry of Catholic artistic traditions found in cathedrals and churches scattered across the old stone churches and towering cathedrals of Europe. 

This reliquary is featured over the Antoinette Poisson Domino Paper Quadrillage et Ronds