Red Enamel Symbology Charm

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Inscribed upon caves, chiseled into pyramid walls, carved through tablets of wax or clay. An arrow speaks to strength and precision, the humble triangle nods to aspiration, while a star is said to bring forth clarity and light.
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Materials: 14k plated gold over brass, red enamel
Dimensions: 1" Charm

Modern Muse Collection

The Modern Muse is a crossroads of ancient wisdom and youthful audacity, inspiring the wearer to be artless and daring in their play. Layers of chains and charms offer the chance to be curious, subdued, or wild—a true muse for modernity.

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Fallen Aristocrat

Fallen Aristocrat is a collection of enchanting jewelry inspired by wanderlust, longing, and a fall from grace. By Paula Danyluk, exclusively for The Paris Market.

The styled photo includes a Heart Charm Connector and Stick Chain Necklace along with the symbology charm.