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It is in finesse and creativity that Maison Boissier offers delicate fruity chocolate petals. Flavors: cherry, strawberry, mandarin, blueberry, yuzu, dark chocolate and milk caramel. Handcrafted in Paris, France, and packaged in a vintage-inspired tin.
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Maison Boissier Candy

On a station platform in 1827, young Bélisaire Boissier coated a batch of freshly-roasted chestnuts in sugar to preserve them, and unwittingly invented the candied chestnut. Then just a few years later, he created the bonbon boule—a chocolate mold bursting with fruit that holds a place in the French culinary canon today. As Monsieur Boissier continued his craft with pastilles and ball candies, it drew the attention of world-famous artists and writers such as Victor Hugo, solidifying the confectionary's place in history. 

Maison Boissier is now one of Paris's sweetest legacies: a chocolate and candy shop that enchants the world with its innovative techniques while honoring Boissier's original vision and French savoir-faire. Obtain yours packaged in a delightful metal box decorated with patterns, paintings, and script; a playful nod to its renaissance in the 1930s.