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The Paris Market has been home to dozens of artists, thinkers, and entrepreneurs over the years who wished to immerse in history and craft. Their interests are eclectic, their personalities both wildly diverse and thoroughly delightful. 
Most importantly, they are always willing to play. 
Below, we've gathered the Autumn set of Staff Looks—unique creations by those vital members of The Paris Market who keep it running every day. Using Fallen Aristocrat jewelry, our staff assembled a series of pieces to tell their own stories through rich color, and delicate glints of gold. 
A golden hand holds onto a circle, from which dangle a deep red-orange oval stone (carnelian), a round golden coin with a woman's profile at center, and an oval transparent-yellow glass stone, all over a painted background in jewel tones.

Walk inside our Savannah store on any given weekday, and chances are you'll see Madeline front and center with a huge smile on her face! She loves to test Fallen Aristocrat looks at the charm bar, customizing pieces for our patrons until they're just right, and chances are if you keep an eye on our instagram account, you'll see some of her creations.

Madeline adores the French antique crystal chandeliers, artwork by Nathalie Lété, and regularly gifts Jamie Beck or Mariana Langley prints for special occasions from the store.

A golden hand encased in a circle suspends from a chain, a toggle lock securing it. The word "Hand of Midas" appears at the top followed by "Inspired by the legend of Midas who turned everything he touched into gold, we crafted a golden hand encased in a circle, caught in an endless loop that may be worn around the throat or wrist."
A bright, transparent yellow, oval glass stone hangs from a golden jumpring. The words, "Jonquil Yellow Stone Charm" hang above text that reads, "Intricately detailed and rich with color, the charms of our Aristocrate line are cast from vintage prayer coins, cameos, intaglios, and glass stones sourced across Europe."
A golden circle coin showcases the profile of a woman with a braided updo, surrounded by the words "Republique Francaise." Text above reads "French Coin Charm" and it goes on to describe the charm as we've done here.
An oval of rich red-orange carnelian shines from a golden setting with a jumpring above, the words "Carnelian Pendant Charm" hanging above along with the description, "This genuine carnelian cabochon has been known to encourage creativity, courage and positive energy since the age of antiquity. Fashioned into a pendant, it may be worn at the end of a singular chain or among a collection of charms at your wrist."
A paperclip chain drapes across a painted backdrop of a French court from the 18th century. A fleur-de-lis charm hangs from one part while a green, round intaglio charm drops from another, a golden Libra charm featuring raised scales, and a petite rectangular charm showcasing the holy virgin Mary with an infant Christ curled on her lap.
Mia is one of our newest additions, but she's already made a home for herself in our café with an iced oat milk latte in hand (add vanilla) and a vintage book in the other! Inspired by antiques and artwork alike, she's gravitated toward the paperolle reliquaries tucked neatly on a shelf. If asked where to dine in Savannah, Mia swears by Cha Bella or Bella Napoli!
All her charms are worn on a delicate, golden Paperclip Chain Bracelet.
A rectangular, golden charm with rounded edges showcases the virgin Mary at center with an infant Christ on her lap, hanging from a jumpring. The words "Petite Saint Charm"
Long associated with French royalty, the fleur-de-lis is a symbol of power and grace. Cast here from a vintage charm found in the brocantes of France.A golden fleur-de-lis charm hangs against a white background, one point at the top as two leaves curl gently to either side. A golden band holds the strands together, though their ends flare out below in three more points.
A green circular charm hangs in a golden frame, a crest at the center. Intricately detailed and rich with color, the charms of our Aristocrate line are cast from vintage prayer coins, cameos, intaglios, and glass stones sourced across Europe, promising to bestow beauty, protection, and strength to whomever the wearer may be.
Our collection of zodiac charms are inspired by French designs, intricately detailed to represent symbols important to each star sign. A golden circular charm shows a set of scales, flat oval disks hanging from triangular cords in perfect balance off a central rail.
Against a vivid blue background lies a thick, golden chain marked by charms in freshwater pearl, gold, blue, delicate pink, and more!
Lauren is a French girl at heart, curious about the Bonaparte Collection and in love with the eclectic Aristocrate Charm Necklace with its riveting collection of colors and textures. She prefers a nutella latte to black coffee, dwells within the dreamy color of Degas when she can, and recommends Electric Moon to whoever is stopping in town.
The charms are assembled on our Rolo Chain Bracelet finished in antiqued gold.
Tinged in pink, straightforward and decadently sweet, this charm offers the chance to hold space for love and weave it into our thoughts and interactions as we go about our lives. A large, round charm in pink enamel backed in gold showcases the word in all-caps "LOVE."
Gleaming in luminous shades of violet, periwinkle, pink, dominated by a moon-colored white, these freshwater pearl charms come in a variety of shapes encased in a delicate golden cage. The word "Freshwater Pearl Charm" hangs at the top.
A transluscent blue glass oval charm showcases the intaglio of a woman's profile, her hair styled in a Classical topknot with curls falling out. It's surrounded by a golden edge, and marked with the words "Blue Glass Cameo Charm."
A small, golden circle marked with the black letter L. A series of petite, golden charms that feature individual letters from the Alphabet. These can be used to spell out a loved one’s name, initials, or as other tiny additions to charm bracelets and necklaces alike.
A glass, oval stone gleams in a red-pink shade set in a golden oval. "Birthstone Charm" marks the top alongside the description, "Crafted of German glass stone to mimic the brilliant hues and meanings of birthstone gems, these petite charms add a pop of color to any necklace or bracelet, personalizing the piece until it fits your unique style. Fuchsia, for July births.
An antiqued gold, circular charm hangs from a swivel clasp, a crab in the center with its claws raised overhead and the numbers 69 turned on their side marking its back. Cancer is ruled by an otherworldly intuition drawn from the moon’s cycle—tenacious, imaginative, sensitive, influential. They honor their vulnerability by wielding the Crab, whose shell protects the sacred inside. June 21 — July 22. Water.
A French palace ceiling is painted in the backdrop of this image beside the name "Erin." Our glass cameo necklace drapes across its front, described below.
Erin's favorite jewelry line in the shop is Selina King with its clean lines and simple elegance, but her favorite piece of Fallen Aristocrat is the Germany Cameo Necklace in its classic, golden design! She loves the John Derian lamps Paula chose in New York, orders the Parisian from the café, and loves nothing more than weekend brunch in Savannah with her friends!

A rectangular charm with rounded corners, the center is the frosted profile of a woman at the center. The back is dark gold, with a thick rolo chain hanging above.

Customize Your Collection
If you'd like assistance, or to see how a certain collection of charms might lay on the chain of your choice, email or DM us on instagram and let us play with you! We can assemble pieces, and exchange photos/video so you can see how your choices go together before purchasing, swap them out, and explore to find just the right style. 
Until then…
Remember that no one else can tell your story half as well as you.
A golden hand encased in an oval holds onto another, small oval with a toggle lock through it. A carnelian charm is attached alongside a French coin charm with a woman's profile on top, and a bright yellow glass stone charm below.
Note: All Fallen Aristocrat jewelry is small-batch, and therefore supply is limited. If you'd like a specific charm, but our selections online are showing it's out of stock, please email us at customerservice@theparismarket.com and submit a request to be informed when we have it back! Most styles are replenished within 2-3 weeks. 
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