Lover’s Eye Brooch, Blue

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A charming recreation of the traditional Lover’s Eye jewelry begun in 1785, with the illicit love affair between a widowed commoner and the Prince of Wales. Framed in glass pearls and backed by antique textiles. Custom orders available upon request!
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History of the Lover's Eye

In 1785, a young woman named Maria Fitzherbert opened a parcel containing the miniature portrait of her beloved's gaze wrapped by pearls, awaiting her answer to his proposal. She accepted at last, in spite of her status as a widow and his as a prince, and within the year he held her own eye in a locket close to his heart. 

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Our design is one of careful thought and intention, fashioned in a brooch or pendant. While some eye/skin colors are always available to order, in line with the tradition we've commissioned a local artist for custom orders so that you might truly bear your lover's gaze for all the world to see. 

Custom Orders

To create your custom order, go to the Fallen Aristocrat website and fill out the form that pops up with specifications, color notes, and a photograph. Our team will review it and pass it along to a local artist who will hand paint the eye of your lover (partner, child, friend—whomever you treasure).

Custom orders may take up to six weeks for completion, and all custom orders are final!

Fallen Aristocrat

Fallen Aristocrat is a collection of enchanting jewelry inspired by wanderlust, longing, and a fall from grace. By Paula Danyluk, exclusively for The Paris Market.