Oval Pearl Chain Necklace

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Intricately crafted with oblong pearls caged in finely spun gold, this bar chain holds an Old World romance that can stand on its own. When paired with our Grotto or Aristocrate charms, however, it becomes a delicate work of art.
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Materials: glass pearls; 14k plated gold over brass in satin finish, lobster clasp
Dimensions: 26” chain; 3” extender

Grotto Collection

Dwelling place of divinity inlaid with luminescent pearl and silvered whispers of the old gods, the grotto is a place of rebirth and primordial creation. Carved by the sea to host her myriad secrets held captive by time, it collects broken dreams and shattered hearts alongside golden chains of longing. Steeped in Old World lore and winding currents of magic, this is where humanity is born anew.

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Fallen Aristocrat

Fallen Aristocrat is a collection of enchanting jewelry inspired by wanderlust, longing, and a fall from grace. By Paula Danyluk, exclusively for The Paris Market.

The styled photograph features an Ardea Heron Pendant on the Oval Pearl Chain Necklace.