Tomorrowland Baobab Candle

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A fragrance with notes of lily of the valley and moss will transport you to the phantasmagorical world of Tomorrowland in reference to the legendary tale of the elixir of life. Its design is inspired by the art nouveau movement as a tribute to nature.
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Tomorrowland scented candles are a limited edition with a gourmet fragrance and a stunning design that will transport you into the magical world of the Belgian music festival. Each candle will be accompanied by a playlist that you will be able to download exclusively thanks to a QR code placed inside the lid of the box.

Baobab Candles 

Sophisticated and harmonious, Baobab begins with mouthblown glass shaped by masters into objets d’art. These decorative containers are then filled with precious scents forged by expert perfumers in Grasse, France to spin stories through the air every time the wicks are lit. 


  Height Estimated burning Wicks Weight
MAX 10 10 cm | 3.9in 60h 4 wicks 2.8 lb
MAX 16 16cm | 6.3in 150h 4 wicks 5.0 lb
MAX 24 24cm | 9.45in 400h 5 wicks 11.5 lb
MAX 35 35cm | 13.8in 800h 7 wicks 22.8 lb