Paperolle Reliquary, Faithfulness

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Exquisite, original works of art inspired by 18th century reliquaries crafted in monasteries and convents, reimagined in a series of miniature message boxes fashioned of antique paper by artist Corinne Seranno out of her studio in Provence.
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Paperolle Reliquary, Faithfulness

A circular, lidded reliquary box made of antique papers that display a distinct swirling pattern of color dotted by a white center. Inside lies a raised paper cameo of a Roman soldier and the French words "l'Amitié", "tendre", "fidèle", and "du bonheur" tucked in four directions beside tightly-spiraled paper scrolls. 

The French script is meant to convey a message to a loved one—kinship, tender, faithful, and happiness.

Artist Bio

Artist Corinne Bernizet Seranno is among the curiosity collectors inspired by such designs. Determined to preserve this art form albeit infused with her own passions, Corinne reimagined these paperolle reliquaries into a series of miniature message boxes fashioned of 18th century papers out of her studio in Provence.

Corinne's work includes a Papier-Mâché Corset and decorative, framed cameos — round and oval

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